The platform for analyzing behavior in massive time-series data sets

Ask any question about sequences of events over trillions of data points. Unlock insights that help companies build the right strategies to acquire new customers, maximize retention, and improve business performance. Analysis doesn’t begin and end at simple website clickstreams and user sessions.

Powerful analysis in seconds, not days or weeks

Intuitive & Interactive Visual User Interface

No need to code or learn a complex query language to ask questions and find answers within your data; anyone across the company can use it to know exactly what users do and when, so you can figure out how to provide them with more value at each turn of the journey.


Fast-Start Apps: Retention, Flows, Segment Comparison (A/B view), Distribution View

Interana accelerates time to value by providing use-case specific apps on top of our powerful query model. Users of any skill level can get from “what” happened to “why” it happened in seconds and quickly pivot from apps into deeper exploration. Interana is introducing AI into apps to provide augmented analytics around these use cases more quickly surface adjacent insights that often go undiscovered.


Behavioral Analytics Query Language

BAQL opens Interana's full stack platform for data scientists, IT, and other programmatic access via our API. Data scientists can explore our visual interface to discover what meaningful data to include in models and utilize BAQL and the API to retrieve the data. The API also allows for syndicating segments and audiences discovered in Interana to take action via retargeting, messaging, and personalization platforms.


Self-Service & Cloud Agnostic

Protecting and Managing your customer data is the top priority, but it should not handcuff you from gaining the insights to improve your solution/business. Interana is a self-service solution that includes the tools you need to both remain compliant in the GDPR and CCPA era but also explore and collaborate on raw data insights within minutes. Interana works with all major private cloud solution providers.

Architecture Built Specifically to Answer Questions

Questions can be unlimited, unbounded, and unique every time; answers often lead to even more questions, and with Interana there is no need for preset frameworks in the initial setup, giving you freedom to find answers you don't already know.

Fast Initial and Continuous Ingest of Complex Data

No matter the source, we ingest all kinds of data sets automatically and on the fly; Interana is a powerful platform which accesses your entire multidimensional data throughout time, and provides answers from trillions of events in seconds.

Leverage behavioral analytics to drive informed product decisions


Deliver and optimize sophisticated, relevant and personalized experiences and journeys to your users by knowing what they do, when and why.

Increase customer satisfaction

Make faster, fact-based decisions based on actual customer interactions; truly understand what customers do, or don’t do, over time and in real-time.

Improve functionality, in seconds

Improve operational efficiencies and immediately fix flaws as new features are released because you know what actions have been taken (or not) immediately.

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Product Innovation

Deliver sophisticated customer experiences and journeys to drive better business outcomes

Customer Success

Keep customers loyal, happy, and coming back to engage hourly, daily, weekly

Content Optimization

Deliver content that engages visitors to read, click, share, comment, and return for more

Engineering & DevOps

Know in real-time how your new features are succeeding

Self Service Analytics

Democratize the data for the entire company, offering a platform that is fast, easy-to-use, and powerful

Where do your questions lead you?

User demographics?
Does engagement increase or decrease if they click on the link?
Type of content?
Do users who get direct links from friends on the app spend more time?
Does this differ by time of day?
What is the average time spent in my mobile app per user?

Inspect the unexpected 

The vast majority of useful data is time-series data. For example: the clickstream from users in your app or on your website, retail transactions at brick-and-mortar stores, calls to tech support, and events in log files, just to name a few. These data sets all contain timestamps, and they get more interesting as you observe how they change over time.

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