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What makes Interana unique?

Whether you’re trying to understand the behavior of your customers, your systems, your apps – or anything else associated with actions taken over time – Interana is the only analytics platform that lets you move beyond dashboards and static reports, to a mode where you and your team can interactively explore your data in real time to see not just what is happening in your business, but why


There’s no need for ETL with Interana, so you’re never waiting for your data. All of your data is always available, so you can ask questions as quickly as you can think of them.


Interana is designed for everyday business users, so there’s no need to code, know SQL, or be a rocket scientist. Now the people with the questions can be the people getting the answers.


Interana gives you the power to interactively ask question after question in real time until you find exactly the answer you need. No more being held up by ETL delays or limited by the canned queries that feed your dashboards and static reports.


There’s no need to aggregate your data with Interana, no matter how large your data set. Billions of data points? Trillions? It doesn’t matter – we’ll still let you explore your entire data set dynamically, in real time.

When trying to understand your customers’ behaviors and experiences, no solution gives you greater insight than Interana.

Interana makes it easy to understand how people are using your product, and quickly shows you what features to focus on.

Interana leapfrogs other web and mobile analytics solutions by going beyond reporting “what” to helping you understand “why.”

No other analytics platform lets you analyze massive volumes of IoT data in real time, without ETL or data aggregation.

Interana can provide media outlets with instant and actionable insight to increase engagement and reduce churn.

When trying to monitor and troubleshoot complex systems, Interana can instantly illuminate areas of interest.

In the fiercely competitive world of online gaming, Interana is the key to understanding how to keep your users engaged.

If only there were a solution simple enough for business users, but powerful enough for data scientists. There is: Interana.

Quotation Open One of the reasons Bleacher Report has such a successful track record in terms of high engagement rates and low churn rates is because Interana makes it possible for us to know so much about our users and their interactions with our content and app. We have a truly unparalleled degree of visibility and insight. Quotation Close

Ross Schwaber
Director of Product Management
Bleacher Report

Quotation Open The bottom line is that Interana lets us extract valuable insights from our data in a faster and easier way than anything else. Quotation Close

Rob Hardy
Director of Analytics Development

Quotation Open Interana allows us to make decisions at the speed of conversation. We used to have to either ignore our questions or wait days until we could extract and analyze the data. Now, with Interana, anyone can find specific answers in seconds. Quotation Close

Vish Balasubramanian
Engineering Manager
Microsoft Teams

Quotation Open Interana has accelerated the data driven culture in OneDrive and SharePoint, and enables everyone to quickly dig in and explore the data to understand our customers. Quotation Close

Patrick Kelleher
Product Manager
Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint

Answers and insights delivered in real time.


Whether you’re a product manager, the head of a business unit, a chief experience officer, a data scientist, a business analyst, or an IT staffer - you’ll appreciate how simple Interana makes it to access your data and immediately begin mining it for insights.

The dashboards, charts, and flow diagrams may look familiar, but each one is “live” and features an “Explore” button that immediately allows you to dive deeper by asking new questions and “slicing and dicing” your data any way imaginable - all visually, without SQL or coding, and without the need for any particular technical expertise.

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