What makes Interana unique?

Whether you’re trying to understand the behavior of your customers, your systems, your apps – or anything else associated with actions taken over time – Interana is the only analytics platform that lets you move beyond dashboards and static reports, to a mode where you and your team can interactively explore your data in real time to see not just what is happening in your business, but why

People > ETL

There’s no need for ETL with Interana, so you’re never waiting for your data. All of your data is always available, so you can ask questions as quickly as you can think of them.

Sankey > Tech Knowledge

Interana is designed for everyday business users, so there’s no need to code, know SQL, or be a rocket scientist. Now the people with the questions can be the people getting the answers.

Fast Chart > Interactivity

Interana gives you the power to interactively ask question after question in real-time until you find exactly the answer you need. No more being held up by ETL delays or limited by the canned queries that feed your dashboards and static reports.

Infinity Question > Data Aggregation

There’s no need to aggregate your data with Interana, no matter how large your data set. Billions of data points? Trillions? It doesn’t matter – we’ll still let you explore your entire data set dynamically, in real time.

Interana’s behavioral analysis and discovery platform has helped many of the world’s most successful data-driven companies – companies like Microsoft, Comcast, and Uber – outperform the competition by more effectively turning their troves of big data into valuable business insights.

What can Interana do for you?

Interana automatically imports all of your complex data to deploy entire teams in days. With our managed services approach, you will experience fast implementation and continued expert support to get answers fast for better business outcomes.

In today’s experience economy, where everyone and everything is digitally trackable, brands need to provide valuable experiences to keep customers engaged and coming back. With Interana’s visual interface, you can ask unlimited layers of questions, because we don’t already know the answers.

Improve customer journey

Quotation Open Decisions used to be made by gut by the highest salary in the room. Now we can make decisions in real-time based on knowing more about actual customer experiences. Quotation Close

Sr. Program Manager

Equip thousands within company

Quotation Open Before Interana, we used traditional BI reporting to get a very limited set of product and customer information into a set of static reports, generated weekly and visualized through Tableau. Today, Product Managers, UX Designers, Marketing and Sales people are using Interana to generate real time views on customer activity. Interana has revolutionized real-time decision making. Quotation Close


Increase functionality, fast

Quotation Open Interana is surprisingly fast, and the user interface is so simple to use, especially given the powerful things it can do Quotation Close

Vice President Technology

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Answers and insights delivered in real time.


Whether you’re a product manager, the head of a business unit, a chief experience officer, a data scientist, a business analyst, or an IT staffer - you’ll appreciate how simple Interana makes it to access your data and immediately begin mining it for insights. The dashboards, charts, and flow diagrams may look familiar, but each one is “live” and features an “Explore” button that immediately allows you to dive deeper by asking new questions and “slicing and dicing” your data any way imaginable - all visually, without SQL or coding, and without the need for any particular technical expertise.

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