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Our Team

Interana’s team includes some of the best talent in the industry with experience from some of the world’s fastest-growing and largest technology and Internet companies like Facebook, Linkedin, Intel, Splunk, Google, Oracle, VMware, and Borland.

Ann Johnson

CEO & Founder

Electrical Engineer turned Founder. Fascinated by how hardware shapes software. Device Physics @Intel, Studied @Caltech

Bobby Johnson

CTO & Founder

Instrumental in making Facebook fast and stable. Wrote open source software like Scribe and Haystack. Studied @Caltech

Lior Abraham


Built Facebook's most popular internal tool for data analysis, SCUBA. Striving to disrupt the universe in startlingly epic fashion. Studied @UC Berkeley

Christina Noren


Led product at Splunk from stealth thru IPO making logs as easy to search as Google. Now on a mission to make the behaviors in them discoverable by all. 20+ years in tech, working on logging tools since the late 90s, 3 IPOs, a few fizzles, 100s of war stories.

Kaushik Shirhatti

VP Sales

Formerly @Coraid and @Simplycontinuous. MBA from Pepperdine. Listen to the customer and everything else will fall into place.

Alexis Johnson

VP of Customer Operations

Data nerd focused on customer collaboration towards amazing analytics. Knitter in my off hours. Formerly @Ayasdi, @DARPA, studied @UVA, @BU.

Marge Anderson


Director of Culture. The glue that holds our spaceship together. Spent 25 years in senior leadership of non-profits. I bring order to chaos and ensure people flourish.

Oleksandr Barykin


Former ACM ICPC participant. I have a passion for performance, algorithms, and data structures. Formerly @Facebook

Robin Davis


Formerly @Catbird Networks. Studied CS @UCSC. My hobbies include giant robots, bottomless anythings, and machines that go fast.

Sachin Holla

Solutions Architect

Formerly @Motorola. Goal is to wear every hat in the Software lifecycle: Engineer, Product Manager, Solutions Architect – check. Passionate about EdTech. Gadget Head at heart and wannabe endurance enthusiast.

Natalie Vais

Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect. Formerly @Oracle. Studied engineering @USC. You can'€™t improve what you don'€™t measure.

Hector Hernandez


Football enthusiast. Whisky drinker. Burrito connoisseur. Smartest man in the room, only when alone. Formerly @Datameer.

Jeff Falk


Passionate about helping people and teams explore their full potential. Formerly @Oracle. Studied @Brown.

Tamara Reyda


EE allergic to solder. Hippie. Trekkie. Yogi. Nerd. Studied @Caltech

Geoffrey Wing


Is a big fan of One Direction, but believes *NSYNC is the greatest boy band of all time. Formerly @POPSUGAR. Studied @UC Berkeley.

Richard Guzzo


Center on the Interana Sales Basketball Team, Legendary at Whittling, Self Certified Sommelier, and has read 100% of all books he's finished. Previously @EMC and @Datameer.

Bryan Flynn


Matthew Lee

Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect. Formerly @Apptio, @Deloitte. Studied @UW. Go Hawks!

Ameet Patel


Max Elisman


Interested in using data to make better products and happier customers. Studied CS-Math @Brown

Megan Maley


Remaining humble and being of service – necessary attributes for achieving personal & professional fulfillment.

Patrick Love


Jackie Mathis

Solutions Architect

Andy Kiang


Tackling chaos and complexity. Formerly @box, @Twitter. Studied @Stanford and @Haas.

Vlad Vinarskiy

IT Operations

Cory Barnard


Neal Kaplan


Kuan Peng


Patrick Ryan

Customer Success

Vrajesh Sheth


Kyle Witherspoon


Dave Pedu


Alex Muller


Daniel Sacks

Customer Success

@USC Engineer. Formerly @Oracle. E(Steph Curry) = 3.

Jonathan Michaiel


John Drahos

Customer Success

Loves customers, data, music, and most other things too. Studied @ UVA.

Jacques Frechet


Can't change human nature; can build systems that apply it to wonderful ends. Formerly @Shiny Devices. Studied @Caltech.

Danielle Duarte


Jasmine Yan


Khalid El-Ali

Customer Success

Diane Schulze

Customer Success

Jeremy Inn


Tihomir Elek


Josh Ferguson


Elliot Chi


Cedric Meriau

Head of Design

Our Board

Mark Leslie

Former CEO, Veritas

Jeff Rothschild

VP of Engineering, Facebook

Max Schireson

Executive in Residence, Battery Ventures

Mike Volpi

General Partner, Index Ventures

Insik Rhee

General Partner, Vertex Ventures


Mike Dauber

General Partner, Amplify Partners

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