What is it?

All in one software that lets you answer any question about behavior — by yourselfright away

"Are users with a good startup experience more likely to still be users 6 months later?"

"How is my next day retention rate doing after my recent product change?"

"What’s my distribution of lag time between first use and taking a specific action?"

"Do users who come back based on a text alert stay re-engaged 30 days later?"

"What are leading indicators of connected device failures in the field?"

"What other topics are popular amongst users who like my top advertiser’s ads?"

"How many on demand gigsters are canceling gigs last minute?"

"What topics have the most active threads?"

"Which users getting referrer credits have referred the most valuable new users?"

"What are common actions amongst users who resurrected?"

Just add data

Just add any event data for your digital service to Interana and start exploring the behavior it contains right away through our visual explorer.

You can add a data file just once to try Interana out, or you can set Interana up to watch for new data files to arrive. Interana will consume everything new that it sees right away.

We like JSON best. Each event record has to have a timestamp and at least one “actor” – what we call the users, accounts, devices or other entities that “behave” by interacting with your digital service. We’re happy to eat as many other fields as your data contains, and we don’t care if new fields show up over time.

We can also eat lookup files that contain extra dimensions on your actors, usually dumps from user, device and customer databases.

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