What is it?

All in one software that lets you answer any question about behavior — by yourselfright away

"Are users with a good startup experience more likely to still be users 6 months later?"

"How is my next day retention rate doing after my recent product change?"

"What’s my distribution of lag time between first use and taking a specific action?"

"Do users who come back based on a text alert stay re-engaged 30 days later?"

"What are leading indicators of connected device failures in the field?"

"What other topics are popular amongst users who like my top advertiser’s ads?"

"How many on demand gigsters are canceling gigs last minute?"

"What topics have the most active threads?"

"Which users getting referrer credits have referred the most valuable new users?"

"What are common actions amongst users who resurrected?"

Flexible flows

Model any sequence of steps that actors may have taken as a funnel, or flow. Find counts of actors who completed these steps along with the time and dropoff rates between steps. Discover the common paths from, between, or leading to specific steps. Look for flows across single sessions, or months, or years of an entire customer journey.

Unlike anything else, Interana processes everything at the time of your query – so you don’t have to wait to answer a new question and you’re not limited to just one simplistic universal funnel.

The savviest Interanians answer what-if questions all day with funnels they make as they go.

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