What Drives It?

Organizations of all sizes are adopting behavioral exploration as a core part of their digital business strategy

If you are looking to invent or re-invent a business model, behavioral exploration is a must-have new capability across every role from product, growth, marketing and UX to sales, support and content. The workers who are making your transformation happen can no longer afford to be limited to static dashboards, pre-defined metrics or analytics silos. They can no longer be dependent on overburdened data teams to answer their everyday questions. They need to achieve Interana.

Some of the common project drivers we hear are:

  • Data democratization
  • Digital transformation
  • Growth focus
  • Behavior-based segmentation
  • Customer journey
  • IoT
  • Bots and AI
  • Clickstream tool upgrade/replacement (Omniture, Google Analytics, Mixpanel…)
  • Reporting interface aggregation

What’s driving your behavioral exploration initiative?

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