Interana and Segment

A look inside

What if I could interact with all the data I've collected in Segment and other data sources creating new queries on the fly with results in real-time?
What if I could explore and understand all of our end-user data?

Merging companies is always an art form, from technology to culture – yet with Segment already in place we were able to merge the customer data from our acquisitions and start to perform deep analysis with Interana in under an hour – seeing in real-time where our current customers intersect and how behaviors mapped or differed. The ability to visualize and understand the merged company’s customer behavior in minutes is a complete game changer.


Segment's data pipeline is a great solution for capturing end-user data, but it does not give you the ability to analyze that data and understand behaviors driving WHY something occurred.

What makes Interana a unique, purpose-built solution?

Interana is a behavioral product analytics solution for the GDPR era. The platform enables product managers and business owners to analyze and improve the on-boarding experience, feature utilization, and maximize lifetime customer value.

With the Segment Integration:

Interana directs any Segment data into your Cloud Storage provider (for example: AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage) for ingest into Interana. This allows you to join Segment events with any other data sources for a complete 360° view of your customer data.


    Interana easily handles data sets encompassing trillions of data points, and still provides for real-time ingest of raw data and real-time interactive analysis, with results to complex queries rarely taking more than a few seconds. Not only does this extreme scalability enable a whole new mode of iterative ad hoc analysis, but it also means there is no need for ETL or data aggregation.


    Hyper-optimization for time-series data allows Interana to deliver answers to complex queries anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 times faster than other data analytics solutions.


    Interana empowers business who have the questions to be self-sufficient in finding the answers with Interana’s graphical query builder that removes the need for any particular technical knowledge, including familiarity with SQL or the ability to code.

Dig deeper to learn how the Interana and Segment integration works in detail and schedule a demo today, to understand how Interana and Segment could deliver the WHY you've been searching for.