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Telecommunications giant logs 11.3M fewer support calls, boosts NPS, and saves millions with Interana

One of the largest telecomms in the world set an ambitious goal – to dramatically improve their customer experience. They wanted a real time customer experience analytics solution to tackle changing consumer demands and growing competitive pressures.

Checklist for Evaluating Enterprise Data Analytics Solutions

There are a wide range of data analytics tools out there, and it can be challenging to sort through all the options.

CloudBees Spins Up Behavioral Analytics across Multiple Data Streams in Under One Hour

The CloudBees team Combines data from three companies and implements analytics in real-time, with little manual effort.

Making Real-Time Analytics Happen with Little Manual Effort

Phil Steffek, Data Architect of CloudBees, speaks to five tips he used to implement behavioral analytics for his company across 12 applications - all while leveraging the Interana/Segment technology partnership.

Edmunds Explores Journey Analytics 100x Faster on Interana

Learn how Interana is helping Edmunds enable self-service analytics for business users, analysts and executives - faster than complex SQL-based queries.

Interactive Analytics | An Origin Story

Learn how Interana came to be. From a powerful internal platform at Facebook to a thriving analytics company. The founders realized that in order to deliver true real-time discovery and interactivity, you need a platform that is simultaneously extremely fast across the full dataset, and an interface that is intuitive and visual.

Why "Self-service" Analytics Tools Are Failing Product Development

Learn more about the common shortcomings of self-service data analytics tools and how Interana provides true self-service access to your data.

Interana: Data > Opinion

Unlike traditional BI and analytics tools that only tell you “what,” Interana helps you discover “why.” It allows business users to easily analyze trillions of time-based data points dynamically, iteratively, and in real time, making it the ideal platform for customer behavior analytics, web and mobile analytics, and product innovation and optimization.

From Facebook to Interana: building a platform to understand users

Interana’s co-founder and CTO Bobby Johnson discusses how Interana will change the way business people make decisions.

How and Why: The Power Couple of Profitable Data Analytics

Getting more value from your data means uncovering intelligence that helps your business take concrete actions to improve outcomes.

The Current State of Data and Analytics

We recently polled business professionals with a stake in data and analytics at their organizations to see how things are going. And we learned a few things.

The Data Exploration Manifesto

It's 2019. Yet, in many ways, organizations are still analyzing their big data like it’s 1999.

Virtual Gaming World (VGW) doubles LuckyLand Slots average revenue

Knowing the important details about how customers interacted, engaged, and connected became a (literal) game-changer. Interana helped VGW know more about how customers engaged, played, and connected with others on their popular social casino games.

Ethical Behavior: Is your data strategy harmful or helpful?

People are changing their behavior to limit the information they share with brands online. How many of us have installed ad blockers, used private browser windows, reduced (or even stopped) using social media? Read Interana's latest report on the value of deploying ethical tactics to maximize customer engagement . . . and respect.

Retailers: Improving customer engagement across digital platforms

Creating valuable customer experiences are critical as consumers engage with digital platforms -- first step is knowing what they do when they engage

Bleacher Report Decreases Time to Insights by 95%

Learn how Bleacher Report uses Interana to rapidly gain insights into user behavior, increase conversion and engagement, build satisfaction, and redesign their web and mobile applications.

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing

Want to make business decisions at the speed of conversation? Is my customer’s journey smooth? If not, why? Are customers engaging? With what? At what point do they leave?