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One Pagers

Interactive Behavioral Analytics For Everyone.

Interana empowers you to instantly answer any question about the behavior of people and things interacting with digital services. All without writing code or waiting for data teams to process requests with blinding speed at massive scale. Read the One-Pager

Success Stories

Bleacher Report Increases Time to Insights by 95%

Learn how Bleacher Report uses Interana to rapidly gain insights into user behavior, increase conversion and engagement, build satisfaction, and redesign their web and mobile applications. Read the Success Story

Teambition Unlocks New Business Opportunities with Interana Behavioral Analytics

Learn how Teambition uses Interana to deepen its understanding of its users to anticipate their needs, build satisfaction, prevent churn, and identify opportunities to upsell. Read the Case Study

Tinder Swipes Right on Interana

Interana’s behavioral analytics solution for event data is helping Tinder understand and explore how its tens of millions of users interact with the app to make better matches for their users. Read The Case Study

BloomBoard is Improving Education

With the help of Interana, BloomBoard continues to deliver the best professional development solution for educators. Read The Case Study

Imgur Uses Behavioral Analytics to Obtain 360-Degree View of its Users

Learn how Imgur uses behavioral analytics to transform this massive amount of event data into a clear, real-time, 360-degree view of its users and how they are consuming content. Read the Case Study

Flowroute Enhances User Experience and Operational Efficiency

Learn how Flowroute uses behavioral analytics to understand customer usage patterns to deliver exactly what their customers want, need, and don’t like. Read The Case Study

Giving Asana Answers in Seconds

With Interana, Asana can answer critical business questions about how customers behave and products are used. Read The Case Study


Three Techniques to Attract New Users and Boost Engagement

Hear from Bryan Mao, BloomBoard Head of Bus. Ops. & Analytics, on how they leverage behavioral analytics to develop strategies to attract new customers, fine-tune service features to increase engagement, and create new service offerings to maximize retention. Watch the Replay

Join Robi Chakrabarti, Product Operations at Hootsuite and Christina Noren, Head of Product at Interana to discuss how behavioral analytics has helped Hootsuite to reveal hidden opportunities for growth and pinpoint issues affecting digital business outcomes such as conversion, engagement, and retention. Watch the Replay

Rethink What You Know About Behavioral Analytics

Join Interana’s Solutions Architect, Jackie Mathis, as she demonstrates how you can leverage behavioral analytics to get answer in seconds to gain a clear picture of exactly how people and things are interacting with your digital service. Watch the Replay

Tinder Swipes Right on Interana

Interana’s behavioral analytics solution for event data is helping Tinder understand and explore how its tens of millions of users interact with the app to make better matches for their users. Watch the Replay

How Behavioral Analytics is Redefining Engagement in the Digital Economy with Reddit & Microsoft

Join our interactive panelists, Joe Gallagher, Data Lead, Reddit and James Senior, Product Lead, Microsoft and learn how they’re leveraging behavioral analytics to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ digital journey. Watch the Replay

eBooks and Whitepapers

Curiosity got the Cat Promoted: The Case for Behavioral Analytics

What behavioral analytics is and how it differs from simple clickstream reporting and business intelligence. Why self-service behavioral analytics is critical to digital transformation across different industries and types of digital services. What technical capabilities are required of a behavioral analytics solution. Read the eBook

Event Data at Speed and Scale

One is easy; a Trillion is rather more difficult. Event data has particular qualities that differentiate it. Specifically, the concepts of chronology. Read the ESG Whitepaper

How to Get Insights on Customer Behavior

Intuition versus Insight: Finding the Truth with Behavioral Analytics. Interana Speeds New Insights on Customer Behavior. Read the ESG Whitepaper

The Definitive Guide to Sampling Event Data at Scale

Interana is optimized to work with all the raw unsampled events at amazing speeds, and includes sampling as an important tool that adds even more agility to the discovery process. There are right and wrong ways to sample event data for behavioral analytics. Learn how in this free eBook. Read the eBook

Understanding “Event” in Event Data

Event data is a continuous stream of actions that reveals the patterns of events people, products, and machines make over time. Read the eBook

Self-Service is for Gas

Interana unlocks the value of your data by empowering the independent exploration that leads to behavioral discoveries. Find out how Interana reduces the time to insight by giving subject matter experts around the organization the power to flexibly explore their questions without coding or data science expertise. Discover how to go beyond just accurate answers and onto finding the right questions. See how we enable and encourage collaboration without making you dependent on the overburdened data scientists. Read the eBook


Take a One Minute Tour of Interana

See why Interana’s solution is your best choice for answering any question about the digital behavior of people and devices. Watch Video

Ann Johnson Interview on NBC Press:Here

Interana CEO and Co-Founder Ann Johnson joins Scott McGrew on NBC Press:Here to discuss Interana’s solution and why companies rely on it. Watch Video

Behavioral Analytics with Living Dashboards

Interana’s Living Dashboards act as a base camp for exploration and collaboration. This short video demonstrates how our dashboards empower live exploration of raw and unaggregated data, collaboration among many users, and other powerful dashboard features. Watch Video

Overview of Interana’s Solution

Interana empowers users across digital economy businesses such as Microsoft, Tinder, Sonos and Imgur in roles from product, growth, marketing, UX, sales, support and content to routinely and interactively explore real behavior to inform everything they do. Watch Video

Ann Johnson Interview on Bloomberg TV

Interana CEO Ann Johnson discusses the company’s data analytics product on Bloomberg West with Cory Johnson. Watch Video

Analyst Reports

451 Research Impact Report on Bing Win

Interana recently announced they would be providing behavioral analytics for Microsoft Bing, the second largest online search provider. Read the Report

Ovum On the Radar: Interana

Interana adapts innovations developed at Facebook to deliver a unique end user–focused fast data solution that melds real-time and historical analysis of event-driven trends at scale. Read the Report

Enterprise Management Associates on Bing Win

Interana announced that Microsoft has selected the company to analyze clickstream event data generated daily by the Bing search engine. Read the Report

451 Research on Interana’s Event Data Analytics

Founded by Facebook alumni and with an all-star cast of engineers, the company believes it can help analyze vast amounts of event stream data on commodity hardware. Read the Report

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