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Easily integrate Interana with your streaming data and private cloud providers.

Pair Segment’s Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) and Interana to provide self-service data analytics within the compliance of GDPR and California privacy laws

Premier sponsor of Segment Synapse on Sep 25-26

Confluent and Interana partnership provides a powerful streaming data platform and behavioral analytics, central to product management, funnel analysis and real-time business context

Silver sponsor of Kafka Summit SF on Sep 30 - Oct 1

Interana and mParticle can unify your customer data and integration with enterprise-class security, reliability for behavioral product analytics

Interana can quickly and simply ingest your entire data set from S3 to empower your business to iterate and collaborate on your valuable customer data.

Google Cloud Platform and Interana have partnered to help you scale beyond preconfigured single source analytics and canned reporting.

Contact Interana for more information about Microsoft Azure credits for a Free POC with Interana 3.0. Gain game-changing insights from your Azure Blob connection to Interana's interactive analytics in seconds—not days or weeks.

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Go beyond capturing data and see how Interana can give you greater insights into your customers’ behaviors and experiences.

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