Interana Explorer | 60-Day Free Trial

Explore the software two of the largest BI vendors are using to improve their own solutions and customer retention.

The thing that most excites me about Interana is putting data in the hands of more people.


Given current government regulations, it may be necessary for you to manage your instance of Interana within your own virtual private cloud. Look no further than Interana Explorer.

Sign up for your free 60-day trial* of the Interana Explorer Edition. Experience this self-managed GDPR/CCPA-compliant solution via your private cloud. 

Interana Explorer is a single node version of Interana's full stack behavioral analytics solution that you manage within your AWS cloud infrastructure.

Interana Explorer Edition:

+ Compliant to GDPR and CCPA standards within your own AWS private cloud

+ Spin up the cluster, load your customer data (or use the artificial data available), and start to explore and collaborate in under one hour

+ Includes both the Intuitive Behavioral Analytics GUI as well as the more technical Interana Behavioral Query Language (BAQL) syntax tool

+ Supports as many as a billion records of raw customer data from S3

+ Full documentation and light support available from Interana

*This is a limited time trial version of the Interana solution that is not intended to be a system of record. Unlike Interana's 4.0 multi-node version, the Interana Explorer Edition is limited to a single machine and does not provide automated backups. 


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