What Are the Specific Details of Your Customer's Journey? Find Answers and Take Action

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When it comes to understanding what customers do, how they make decisions, when they buy, and how they engage with your brand throughout the day, getting the right answers may involve working with data teams and waiting hours, days, or weeks to be able to make better decisions. Or it may be that queries are limited by pre-determined parameters, or require you to write code to get answers.

But, in today’s highly digital landscape, product teams need to know what customers do and why - throughout each day. Interana helps you understand how customers share content, purchase goods, engage with new features on the web or on mobile platforms in order to determine and define specific behaviors - why would a customer leave a certain page or activity, for example? Or an empty shopping cart? Observing this granular behaviors leads to a deep understanding of how and why customers do what they do, ultimately helping you make important business decisions fast.

McKinsey found that companies who can provide customers with the best start-to-finish experience are the real winners in this day and age - by enhancing customer satisfaction, improving sales and retention, reducing end-to-end service cost, and strengthening employee satisfaction, a mutually beneficial feeling of trust and security is established between the business and their customers.


Here some of the critical use case examples we’ve seen:

  1. Customer Journey: I need to build products from a customer’s perspective, and often the digital complexity is difficult to understand. I am starting to only learn about averages, and I want to know specifics about what my customers do in real time.
  2. Product Feedback: Once I ship my products and update features across digital channels, I don’t know what works and what doesn’t, fast enough, and old measures don’t work anymore.
  3. Feature Troubleshoot: I am working on “fire drill” feature fixes because it takes too long to know what works and what doesn’t; I can’t find answers as soon as I need them.

Finding average customers doesn’t work

As the world goes through this digital transformation, every business must come to terms with a new reality - the need to understand the customer journey on a specific, granular level. There are trillions of events, and millions of opportunities to reach customers right where they are; but we have to be able to look closely at each action and interaction across the digital experience, to truly understand the overall picture. Product innovation teams need to know exactly what customers do, and how they make various decisions to engage, or not, with brands - from the automotive industry, to banking and retail.

Equip your entire company with the unlimited, unbounded question platform

Interana allows employees to ask unlimited, unbounded questions about customer journeys and get answers in seconds. With an easy-to-use interface, Interana doesn’t require data scientists to find answers hidden within critical, complex data. Employees across the entire company can know more about specific and trending customer interactions, and get answers when they need them.

Imagine the type of answers this could provide a business, and on a broad scale - anyone across the company can make data-driven decisions quicker than ever before. No waiting or guessing needed.

Interana’s enterprise customers want answers to questions without writing code around every query. They want results in seconds and the ability to ask sequences of question to find those answers – with no constraint. From broad trends to specific customer journeys; from answers about demographics, psychographics, attributes, devices, types of content -- to (more importantly) answers about customer actions, interactions, and transactions. In order to be leveraged across an entire company, solutions must have an easy-to-use, highly intuitive interface. And, in order to survive in today’s experience economy, brands must know every detail of their customer’s journey.


Ask the questions you want answered:

How long are visitors on the page?

What did customers do right before signing up or exiting?

What was the last thing they did before making a purchase?

What 5 things led up to them abandoning a shopping cart? The 5 things after?

Did they compare products and if so, which ones?

Did they purchase from a mobile device or a Mac?

What activities predict conversion and long term engagement?

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

Today’s brands need a platform that offers fast, easy-to-use, detailed accounts of each unique customer journey. On a fundamental level, we want to give you the flexibility and fearlessness to ask any question that comes to mind about your customers, and the peace of mind that comes with the trust associated with data-driven decision making. The best way to get specific answers, is to ask a series of specific, free-form questions, all in support of our core maxim: stop guessing and start knowing.

Interana fosters this transition into the digital age - gone are the days of waiting for data specialists to report numbers. Today’s brands need a platform that gives them fast, easy-to-use, detailed accounts of their customer’s journey. You need flexibility and fearlessness to ask questions to get your job done well. And, every decision maker utilizing our platform can make decisions that are driven by the power of customer journey event data.


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