Now It’s an Open Secret – Try Our Live Demo!

Interana Blog StaffMarch 15, 2017

When I learned about Interana a year ago I was blown away.

I’ve been working with systems giving access to event data since 1998 at MSN yet knew nothing about it. Turns out, Interana’s the Holy Grail I've been searching for.

Because Interana is visual, it really lets anyone run queries fast on event data of any scale, from digital services of any kind. Because it’s so fast, it lets people ask lots of imperfect questions to iterate their way to understanding what’s important. And it’s powerful and flexible enough that the kinds of hard questions that are important today – about behavior patterns – are possible to do without running to a data scientist who's got better things to do than play data butler.

Quietly, this unique big data analytics technology was spreading across some of the smartest digital businesses while all the attention was elsewhere. This was in large part because the Interana founders were so overwhelmed by the demand from big customers like Bing and Tinder in their first year or two that they didn’t have the cycles to make the product easy to try or buy for the rest of us.

It’s become my personal mission to change that. As of today we have a live, public demo!


Sign up here and you’ll be given immediate access to a live running instance of Interana that has interesting real data to play with – initially we have a live stream of edits to Wikipedia. There are prepopulated dashboards and preconfigured Interana funnels, sessions, cohorts and metrics (our special sauce – behavior on read) to start with, but you can interactively build and run any query and make any dashboard or object you want. Since it’s live Wikipedia edit data it’s pretty interesting no matter what you’re into – you’ll see see who’s editing and fighting over what articles in the wide world today.

There’s a demo guide to give you a step by step tour if you want. You can also check out the rest of our public documentation. If you care about understanding what’s going on under the hood, take a peek at How it Works.

We think that if you’re in any kind of digital business and play with the demo you’re going to want to have Interana in your organization on your data. If so, we’re happy to set up a POC or a call to talk about what’s involved in implementing Interana. Just get in touch. (Still working on a trial you can set up yourself… soon!)

We didn’t mean to be a such a big secret. We’re starting to open it up. Join us. And give us feedback and ask questions in our live demo forum!

(And a special thanks and H/T to @miroslav for all the work to set up this demo and populate it with cool stuff.)

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