The Real Data Advantage Isn’t Where You Think It Is

Interana Insights

We live in a data-driven world. Most companies are now looking to use their customer and product data to increase user engagement, reduce churn, speed product release cycles, improve customer journeys, and more.

Too often, however, companies treat the data itself as the competitive advantage. They’ve invested a lot of time, money, and people in presenting that data in usable views. For example, they’ve developed ETL processes to create dashboards for the information that’s deemed “important.” These dashboards look great, but they’re static, and because the ETL process requires time and highly technical expertise, business users can’t easily query the data below the dashboard to understand what’s causing the results they’re seeing or to test hypotheses.

Companies have also invested in end-user BI and data analytics tools to give business users “self-service” capabilities. But most end-user tools can’t handle the massive volumes and varied types of data companies have, so they resort to aggregating, sampling, and limiting data inputs—which means you can’t drill down into the details you really need and you lose context.

In fact, so much data is available today that it’s a commodity. The reality is that your competitors have just as much data that they’re using to solve the same challenges and develop new innovations. The real competitive advantage lies not in how much data you have, but in how quickly you can use that data to get the answers you need to solve those business challenges. And this goes way beyond simple data presentation or limited self-service tools.

Instead, you need to enable comprehensive and easy data discovery. This requires providing the people who have the business and functional expertise—the ones who are responsible for setting the strategies and solving the business challenges—the ability to visually explore trillions of data points, interactively and in real-time, without any specialized technical expertise. Only then can you uncover actionable insights faster to make more informed decisions and build more effective strategies to gain a competitive edge.

This is exactly why we built Interana’s behavioral analytics platform. If you’d like to learn how you can discover and analyze your behavioral data in real-time, to solve your most pressing customer and product challenges, contact us to schedule a demo.

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