The Declaration of Analytics Independence

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With the Fourth of July holiday just on the horizon, I thought about what our forefathers must have been thinking that led to the decision to declare independence from England. As I imagined what they were experiencing, what they believed, and how those two things were conflicting within their spirits, I started to realize that I, too, was caught up in a similar conflict with regards to the analytics space, specifically user data analytics.

As an employee of Interana, which is shorthand for “Interactive Analytics”, I enjoy the luxury of meeting with many companies responsible for understanding who their own customers are, their customer’s true experience while consuming their product or service, and why it matters that they know the full story in real-time or over any time they choose.

When I talk to them about their pain or problems attempting to gain valuable insight regarding their customer’s actions, interactions, and transactions, they tell me they’re frustrated with the limit of all their existing analytic tools and solutions, the requirements to be smart or trained before they can get use out of them, and how much time and energy it takes to manifest any useful answers. The list goes on and on and I’ve begun to feel their frustration myself.

Therefore, I decided to imagine what would happen if we declared independence for the analytics community? What if we started a new analytics revolution? What if those responsible for user data analytics today were to pull away and separate from their existing tools or solutions and join us?  Would we be willing to fight for our rights to be explore all of our user data any way we wanted at any time without limits or requirements or the need to be smart enough? I think the answer is “yes”, we would.  And with that said, here’s what I believe that declaration of analytics independence might look like:




Interana believes in better user experiences and customer journeys for everyone, everywhere, and, as a result, has started that world’s first user data analytics revolution and, therefore, makes the following declaration for analytics independence for all.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, We Believe, that everyone has an equal right to:

  • understand their user event data, what it means, and why it matters
  • obtain their specific query results from trillions of user events within seconds
  • receive 100% of their results regardless of the user event data set size
  • blend user event data sets seamlessly to obtain true corrollated results
  • applying intuition creatively to understand all customer journeys and user experiences
  • ask any number of unbounded or unlimited questions of all their user event data

ADDITIONALLY, We Believe, that everyone should be allowed to interrogate, investigate, or inquire all of their user event data at any time WITHOUT REQUIRING any:

  • type of PhD
  • advanced mathematical skills
  • forensics training
  • data science expertise
  • programming or scripting skills
  • understanding of SQL or SPL

FURTHERMORE, We Believe, that all people within any organization operating within any state, country, or continent, regardless of title, role, department, team, or advisory group should be allowed to freely, equally, and fairly uphold and execute queries against their data to:

  • privately or publicly test their own theories, conjectures, assumptions, or hypotheses
  • discover value currently lying hidden or dormant within the existing user activity data
  • group, compare, and contrast all user actions, interactions, and transactions
  • wildly establish, obtain, and achieve customer success across all channels
  • troubleshoot issues that prevent an optimal experience from occurring for all customers
  • willfully and intentionally inspect the unexpected at any time and for any reason

We Believe, these revolutionary truths regarding user event data analytics to be self-evident and are prepared to fight for and defend against any and all traditional - or legacy-based - analytical concepts, processes, tools, techniques, theory-testing, forethought, or retrospective hindsight in order to raise awareness for our purpose, cause, and direction towards the liberation of all national user event data analytics practitioners and, hereby decree and declare independence from all other non-useful or non-helpful user event data analytical or reporting practices, platforms, or processes. This we declare on this day, July fourth of the year two thousand and eighteen.

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