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From Facebook to Interana: building a platform to understand users

by Bobby JohnsonOctober 04, 2018

Let’s wind the clock back about 12 years. Facebook was an emerging social networking platform - before social networks were deeply embedded throughout every industry and a critical part of our daily lives. Our small team (just around 100 employees...,...

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Get to the Why | How one product team increased engagement by 60%

by Mark FrigonSeptember 07, 2018

Product teams know that as products evolve so do customers. Learning about customers and improving products is continuous process, and the definition of engagement will change over time. Therefore, product features must change over time.,...

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The Low Cost of Failure

by Maverick GarnerJuly 05, 2018

In the weeks since I adopted this effective method of thinking, I find myself exercising more and more (I’m doing more than one push-up a day, for sure). Part of what keeps me motivated is that, at th,...

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The Declaration of Analytics Independence

by Maverick GarnerJune 22, 2018

With the Fourth of July holiday just on the horizon, I thought about what our forefathers must have been thinking that led to the decision to declare independence from England. As I imagined what they,...

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Virtual Gaming World (VGW) Doubles LuckyLand Slots Average Revenue

by Kelly BriegerJune 18, 2018

VGW, a pioneering online gaming and sweepstakes company, brings the excitement of hitting the jackpot online with LuckyLand Slots. The company has innovated on various digital platforms while incorpor,...

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Retailers: Improving Customer Engagement Across Digital Platforms

by Maverick GarnerJune 11, 2018

We all love our digital devices, and as they proliferate throughout our homes, autos, offices, and even clothing, retailers have to figure out how to help customers engage, buy efficiently, and remain,...

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Know How Your Customers Act, Interact, and Transact

by Kelly BriegerJune 04, 2018

We live in an experience economy – never before has there been such opportunity to turn valuable data into dollars. With a deeper understanding of specific customer actions and interactions, leading b,...

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In Defense of Pie Charts

by Bobby JohnsonMarch 14, 2018

In the world of data analysis, there are few things more reviled than the pie chart. Among "serious" data people, it is at best trivial and naive, and at worst downright evil. I do not agree with thi,...

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Why Every Employee Needs Access to Behavioral Analytics

by Interana Blog StaffJanuary 03, 2018

Every employee in your organization already knows how to make smart decisions based on behavioral analytics. They choose their Netflix movies using a sophisticated algorithm, they connect with new Fac,...

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How the iPhone X is Changing Analytics

by Interana Blog StaffDecember 20, 2017

Ten years ago the iPhone changed human behavior forever. Millions of new applications emerged from nowhere, enabling people to communicate in new ways and live smarter. With the iPhone X, the world is,...