Interana, Behavioral Analytics, Product, dashboard, visualization

Interana Dashboards in 60 Seconds Video

by Ann Johnson

Watch our video of Interana Dashboards, a shared workspace to save and follow queries. Users pin and share collections of queries using dashboards.,...

Interana, Behavioral Analytics, Product, visualization

Interana Explorer in 60 Seconds Video

by Ann Johnson

Our new video series, Interana Insights in 60 Seconds, covers a specific aspect of Interana's technology in 60 seconds or less. First up: the Explorer!,...

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Publishing Features in 2.18 Release

by Interana Insights

Learn about the brand new and improved publishing features to Interana's 2.18 Release and see how it can help your business grow!,...

Interana, Thought Leadership, Behavioral Analytics, Product, Event Data

Confront Data Politics

by Interana Insights

Learn about the challenges of data politics and how it impacts almost all organizations, especially ones that use powerful algorithms to support operations.,...

Behavioral Analytics, Product, Event Data, raw data, sampling

Sampling Done Right: Avoiding Common Event Data Mistakes

by Ann Johnson

Ever wonder how to do Event Sampling the right way? Let Interana guide and help you avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to behavioral analytics.,...

Thought Leadership, Behavioral Analytics, Product

Painting a Picture with Behavioral Analytics

by Ann Johnson

Recently, I traveled to New York City to attend Strata + Hadoop World. In the tech industry, it seems like there are ...,...

Interana, Product, product design UX

Designing Delightful Data Products

by Interana Insights

See the video of Interana's Alonzo Canada, Head of Product Design, speaking at Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose on Designing Delightful Data Products,...

Thought Leadership, Product, data business user insights

Data "Driven" is Really Data "Accessible"

by Ann Johnson

See video of Interana's CEO, Ann Johnson, speaking at Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose on making data "FAST" : Fast - Accessible - Scalable - Transparent.,...

Interana, Thought Leadership, Product, customers launch GA

Thank You to Our Beta Customers

by Ann Johnson

Read the "Thank You" letter from Interana's CEO, Ann Johnson, to all of the beta customers that were part of our behavioral analytics product program.,...