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Behind the Scenes: Testing a Formula Editor With Parameterized Tests and ASCII UI

by Evan Jones

Our dev team is always looking for creative ways to solve technical challenges. Here's just one example from Senior Software Engineer Evan Jones around parameterized tests.,...

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61 Analytics Quotes from the Experts

by Interana Insights

In the field of product analytics, there’s no shortage of smart, innovative people to learn from. One of the best aspects of being a part of the analytics community is engaging with new ideas, redisco,...

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Growing up with and in PM and “Big Data”

by Interana Insights

Growing up with and in PM and “Big Data”,...

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Metrics aren't "Magic"

by Bobby Johnson

Learn why metrics is not simply magic that comes to by way of stardust at night. No, metrics is the story of ingenuity and how to use data effectively.,...

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Move fast and document things

by Ann Johnson

Interana's Neal Kaplan reviews his experiences at the recent Write the Docs 2016 documentation conference in Portland, Oregon.,...

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Beta Release of External API in 2.19

by Interana Insights

Today, we are announcing the Beta Release of Interana’s REST API, deployed as part of the standard 2.19. Learn more about this exciting upgrade!,...

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Teambition’s Head of Growth Discusses the Value of Behavioral Analytics

by Interana Insights

Zhuoqun (Richard) Qian, Head of Growth at Teambition, talks candidly about why behavioral analytics is essential to him, his team and to the business.,...

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The Value of Complexity

by Interana Insights

Learn, from Interana, how the complexity of data sets doesn't have to be confusing but actually a good thing and where valuable knowledge can be gained.,...

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Imgur Delivers Behavioral Analytics in Everyday Decisions – You Can Too

by Interana Insights

Learn how Imgur uses Interana's behavioral analytics every day to gain a competitive advantage and what other benefits the company experienced.,...

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The Mythical Business User

by Interana Insights

At Interana we believe it's time to stop casting the wide net of the all encompassing "business user" and to start to get specific on your target audience.,...