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61 Analytics Quotes from the Experts

by Interana Blog StaffApril 19, 2017

In the field of product analytics, there’s no shortage of smart, innovative people to learn from. One of the best aspects of being a part of the analytics community is engaging with new ideas, redisco,...

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A Look at U.S. Federal Emergencies and Disasters Over Time

by Interana Blog StaffMarch 23, 2017

Last week, the whole East Coast braced themselves for the arrival of Stella, a formidable winter snowstorm that the National Weather Service predicted would deposit over 20 inches of snow in New York,...

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Imgur Delivers Behavioral Analytics in Everyday Decisions – You Can Too

by Interana Blog StaffMay 17, 2016

Learn how Imgur uses Interana's behavioral analytics every day to gain a competitive advantage and what other benefits the company experienced.,...

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The Next Shift in Marketing Automation is Behavioral Analytics

by Interana Blog StaffApril 15, 2016

The shift is on! Marketing Automation is evolving and Behavioral Analytics is at the center of it all. Find out from Interana if your are ready.,...

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A Sneak Peak Into Next Week’s Meetup at Tilt

by Interana Blog StaffMarch 02, 2016

Interana is partnering up with Tilt to host our very first meetup in San Francisco next Thursday, March 10 @ 5:30 pm @Tilt HQ. Come get an advanced preview!,...

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A Sneak Peak Into Next Week's Meetup With Tinder

by Interana Blog StaffFebruary 12, 2016

Learn why Interana is excited to be helping Tinder and get a sneak peak into some of the topics Interana will be discussing at their winter meetup.,...

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Read Customers Like They're An Open Book With Event Data

by Interana Blog StaffDecember 08, 2015

Read an excerpt from Interana's latest free downloadable event data analytics ebook and go in-depth into the importance of understanding your users’ actions,...