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A Wow Company! . . . It's why I joined

by Eddie WhiteAugust 28, 2018

I have spent over 10 years now in the data, analytics, and business decision space. It has been exhilarating to see the changes that have occurred. And all of these evolutions have been in search of a business decision platform that enables...,...

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What Are the Specific Details of Your Customer's Journey? Find Answers and Take Action

by Kelly BriegerJuly 31, 2018

When it comes to understanding what customers do, how they make decisions, when they buy, and how they engage with your brand throughout the day, getting the right answers may involve working with data teams and waiting hours, days, or weeks to be...,...

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Start Making Sense: Look at Your Event Data With a View to Answering Your Questions

by Interana Blog StaffDecember 21, 2015

Learn about your users' actions with fundamental components of behavioral analytics and how Interana delivers an event data solution that anyone can use.,...