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Hard Problems We Like

by Interana Blog StaffJune 08, 2017

You can’t throw a stone these days without hitting an article about “big data.” There’s endless advice on how you can be more “data-driven” (we prefer “data-informed”); how data can drive you and your,...

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Why Software?

by Interana Blog StaffMay 11, 2017

Interana’s a SaaS, right? Nope. Here’s why not. What Interana has been so far is software that we deploy and manage in dedicated clusters on behalf of customers like Microsoft, Bing, Sonos and Comcast,...

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The Top IoT Analytics Use Cases Today

by Interana Blog StaffApril 26, 2017

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been astonishing. From our cars to our watches to our factories, more and more things are becoming embedded with technology. We can do more than ever bef,...

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61 Analytics Quotes from the Experts

by Interana Blog StaffApril 19, 2017

In the field of product analytics, there’s no shortage of smart, innovative people to learn from. One of the best aspects of being a part of the analytics community is engaging with new ideas, redisco,...

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Growing up with and in PM and “Big Data”

by Interana Blog StaffDecember 05, 2016

Growing up with and in PM and “Big Data”,...

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Teambition’s Head of Growth Discusses the Value of Behavioral Analytics

by Interana Blog StaffJune 13, 2016

Zhuoqun (Richard) Qian, Head of Growth at Teambition, talks candidly about why behavioral analytics is essential to him, his team and to the business.,...

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A Sneak Peak Into Next Week’s Meetup at Tilt

by Interana Blog StaffMarch 02, 2016

Interana is partnering up with Tilt to host our very first meetup in San Francisco next Thursday, March 10 @ 5:30 pm @Tilt HQ. Come get an advanced preview!,...