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Why You Need a Full-Stack Analytics Solution

by Interana Blog Staff

A full-stack analytics solution is the only way the entire company can get complex, real-time information about behavior.,...

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Behavioral Remarketing: Bring The Right Ones Back In

by Interana Blog Staff

The long-term vision of big data analytics is not a massive warehouse filled with all the world's data. It's a world where you can use data to continuously set up new experiments, learn from your cust,...

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The Interactive Analytics That Fuels Tinder's Marketing Team

by Interana Blog Staff

Though marketing is somewhere between an art and a science, analytics can still give you an edge when it comes to understanding your product and your users. When marketers can ask and answer questions,...

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Top 5 Reasons Not To Roll Your Own

by Interana Blog Staff

OK you have a crack data engineering team that knows all the open source big data tools inside out and can build anything. Why not roll your own system to deliver data insights to the business about t,...

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Why Software?

by Interana Blog Staff

Interana’s a SaaS, right? Nope. Here’s why not. What Interana has been so far is software that we deploy and manage in dedicated clusters on behalf of customers like Microsoft, Bing, Sonos and Comcast,...

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How E-Commerce Companies Can Drive Profit with Behavioral Analytics

by Interana Blog Staff

To say that e-commerce is beginning to dominate the world of retail would not be an exaggeration. Retail e-commerce sales are expected to surpass 2 trillion according to an eMarketer report, with doub,...

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The Top IoT Analytics Use Cases Today

by Interana Blog Staff

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been astonishing. From our cars to our watches to our factories, more and more things are becoming embedded with technology. We can do more than ever bef,...

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The Future of Data Analytics for Retail

by Interana Blog Staff

Late last year, Amazon premiered a system that may well be the future of shopping. Nicknamed Amazon Go, it looks just like a regular brick and mortar store, except there are no lines, no self-checking,...

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It's Time to Stop Using Hadoop for Analytics

by Bobby Johnson

Since the early days, data has always been (and continues to be) a fundamental part of Facebook’s product development. When I was at Facebook, one of my challenges was figuring out how to scale our in,...

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The Dirty Secret of Analytics: SaaS Edition

by Interana Blog Staff

At the foundation of any data-informed organization is a solid analytics stack. Without the right solution in place, it doesn’t matter how much data you collect — you’ll have no means to get useful in,...