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From Facebook to Interana: building a platform to understand users

by Bobby Johnson

Let’s wind the clock back about 12 years. Facebook was an emerging social networking platform - before social networks were deeply embedded throughout every industry and a critical part of our daily lives. Our small team (just around 100 employees...,...

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Get to the Why | How one product team increased engagement by 60%

by Mark Frigon

Product teams know that as products evolve so do customers. Learning about customers and improving products is continuous process, and the definition of engagement will change over time. Therefore, product features must change over time.,...

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What Are the Specific Details of Your Customer's Journey? Find Answers and Take Action

by Kelly Brieger

When it comes to understanding what customers do, how they make decisions, when they buy, and how they engage with your brand throughout the day, getting the right answers may involve working with data teams and waiting hours, days, or weeks to be...,...

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Virtual Gaming World (VGW) Doubles LuckyLand Slots Average Revenue

by Kelly Brieger

VGW, a pioneering online gaming and sweepstakes company, brings the excitement of hitting the jackpot online with LuckyLand Slots. The company has innovated on various digital platforms while incorpor,...

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Who Owns Data At Your Company?

by Interana Blog Staff

Analytics and business intelligence technologies are advancing quickly, but the data challenge that most organizations face is not technical one, it’s a lack of access to the right data. While every c,...

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How Behavioral Analytics is Changing Manufacturing, Transportation, and the Home

by Interana Blog Staff

Traditionally, data streams in from just a few places. Maybe it's user activity on your website. Maybe it's an internal log of orders. The point is, to get a full picture of your company's data you us,...

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Why You Need a Full-Stack Analytics Solution

by Interana Blog Staff

A full-stack analytics solution is the only way the entire company can get complex, real-time information about behavior.,...

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Behavioral Remarketing: Bring The Right Ones Back In

by Interana Blog Staff

The long-term vision of big data analytics is not a massive warehouse filled with all the world's data. It's a world where you can use data to continuously set up new experiments, learn from your cust,...

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The Interactive Analytics That Fuels Tinder's Marketing Team

by Interana Blog Staff

Though marketing is somewhere between an art and a science, analytics can still give you an edge when it comes to understanding your product and your users. When marketers can ask and answer questions,...

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Top 5 Reasons Not To Roll Your Own

by Interana Blog Staff

OK you have a crack data engineering team that knows all the open source big data tools inside out and can build anything. Why not roll your own system to deliver data insights to the business about t,...