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Should You Pay for Analytics Training?

by Interana Insights

When you feel like it’s time to finally make the push to step up your analytics game, you’re faced with a pretty big tangle of options. Should you look to apply to a higher ed program in a relevant fi,...

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Top 5 Reasons Not To Roll Your Own

by Interana Insights

OK you have a crack data engineering team that knows all the open source big data tools inside out and can build anything. Why not roll your own system to deliver data insights to the business about t,...

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The Top IoT Analytics Use Cases Today

by Interana Insights

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been astonishing. From our cars to our watches to our factories, more and more things are becoming embedded with technology. We can do more than ever bef,...

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It's Time to Stop Using Hadoop for Analytics

by Bobby Johnson

Since the early days, data has always been (and continues to be) a fundamental part of Facebook’s product development. When I was at Facebook, one of my challenges was figuring out how to scale our in,...

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A Look at U.S. Federal Emergencies and Disasters Over Time

by Interana Insights

Last week, the whole East Coast braced themselves for the arrival of Stella, a formidable winter snowstorm that the National Weather Service predicted would deposit over 20 inches of snow in New York,...

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The Dirty Secret of Analytics: SaaS Edition

by Interana Insights

At the foundation of any data-informed organization is a solid analytics stack. Without the right solution in place, it doesn’t matter how much data you collect — you’ll have no means to get useful in,...

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Now It’s an Open Secret – Try Our Live Demo!

by Interana Insights

Interested in behavioral analytics? Access a live running instance of Interana that has real data to play with – a live stream of edits to Wikipedia.,...

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How Bleacher Report Won the Sports Publication Game

by Ann Johnson

Learn how Bleacher Report was able to get faster insights and build a better data-informed culture with Interana.,...

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How Data and Intuition Go Hand in Hand

by Interana Insights

When you're faced with comprehending a large amount of data, being data-informed means using your intuition to help contextualize and understand it.,...

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Imgur Delivers Behavioral Analytics in Everyday Decisions – You Can Too

by Interana Insights

Learn how Imgur uses Interana's behavioral analytics every day to gain a competitive advantage and what other benefits the company experienced.,...