Publishing Features in 2.18 Release

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At Interana, we believe in empowering everyone within an organization to delve into their data and get the answers they need. Within many organizations, there are a few data experts who are the go-to people when you have questions about what your customers are doing. Not only do they often know how to get you an answer easily, but they also can pull together a chart or two for you. But relying on these few experts can lead to bottlenecks and delays in getting answers to everyone and tie up those data experts from concentrating on more specialized analyses. By using Interana, everyone in the company can run their own behavioral analytics queries while still leveraging some of the know-how from the data experts.

In our upcoming release, we are introducing functionality that helps you publish and share metrics, sessions, cohorts, funnels, and dashboards with your colleagues across teams. Power users can create canonical metrics and dashboards that can be easily shared and new users can rely on the knowledge and analyses of their more data-experienced colleagues.

Publishing Features allows you to:

  • Create personal and shared workspaces.
  • Assign roles of users allowing publishing into shared spaces.
  • Share meaningful metrics, dashboards, etc.

With Publishing Features, everyone will have their own personal workspaces to experiment with building metrics, funnels, dashboards, and other user-generated features. These metrics, funnels, and other calculations are available only to you and won’t clutter up other users’ workspaces. You can also identify those data experts in your organization as Publishers who can publish metric definitions into the shared space that everyone can access. All users will then know which metrics definitions have been vetted and approved, and feel secure that they’re using the same calculations used by everyone else within the organization.

We have also added the ability to publish shared dashboards. Especially helpful for new users, they can follow along and monitor the various KPIs that a Publisher has shared. If there’s a particular dashboard that’s critical to your organization, you can now have all users default to that dashboard as a landing page (rather than the Explorer tab) when they log into Interana.

Publishers can collaborate with each other to maintain published metrics, calculations, and dashboards. Any Publisher can edit any published item. Publishers can also help other users with their metrics, funnels, and other calculations. While other users’ metrics won’t show up when Publishers are building their own queries, Publishers are provided a view into other users’ metrics to review them (and adjust them) as necessary.

To help you determine  who are your Publishers, we are also introducing some user management capabilities. You can assign Publisher roles to users, view authorized users, remove users, and integrate single sign-on with Active Directory.

If you have any questions about Publishing Features or want to enable the capability, please contact your Support representative or

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