Is True Data Democratization Possible When It Comes To Analytics?

Pete Kurkowski

Today’s organizations struggle with enabling employees to easily access and understand data when investigating an issue or testing a hypothesis. Data discoverability is almost impossible when it’s siloed in disparate warehouses or data lakes and is owned by technical teams and very difficult to decipher.  Not to mention, specialized skills or a lengthy ETL process is required to bring the data together for a simple analysis. Further, complications of GDPR and CCPA governance make a business's ability to understand their customers, ask questions, and perform simple analytics on an ad hoc basis even more crucial. 

A modern data strategy needs a solution that makes all data accessible and easy to understand for employeesenabling them to get answers to complex questions around feature usage or user behavior, all on their own. This is what our founders created at Interana. 

We allow our users to explore, discover insights, segment and enrich the data - all on the fly - without having to modify the data model or know ANY code. 

As a sales engineer I demo our platform on a daily basis, explaining why it would solve for a particular use case.

Here are a few of my favorite features within Interana:

  • The event properties tool exposes the underlying raw values within a data set.  
  • Users can explore with easy to understand visualizations and seamlessly generate a query all within one environment.
  • Users can create new definitions or generate segments based on the criteria that matters to them, and continually refine it as they explore and discover.
  • Role-based access controls for data governance allowing administrators to control user group access and provide a simple view of a complex data set.  
  • Users can access what really matters, cutting out the need to collaborate with multiple teams to answer one question.
  • The ability to seamlessly ingest data from Segment, mParticle and Kafka/Confluent. 


I’m proud to support a platform and company that truly believes in data democratization.

I’d be happy to show you how Interana is democratizing data for companies like Bleacher Report, VGW, Edmunds, and Uber. 

Schedule a demo with me at

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