Interana Friends & Family Program: Introducing a new, exclusive way to experience Interana.

Interana Insights

If you know about Interana you probably know it's the interactive behavioral analytics solution that some of the biggest and most innovative digital businesses like Bing, Tinder and Sonos rely on to sustain a data-informed culture.

These companies use Interana because it's the only way to give everyone in their organizations the speed, scale and flexibility to ask any question about the behavior of people or things, and get answers back in seconds - even up to the billions of searches, swipes, and song plays that they deliver every day.

They've realized that you can't have a data-informed culture if the people in your business need to wait on batch jobs or have someone else write complex queries to ask a new question of event data. They've also learned that simpler mobile and web analytics services are too shallow and that self service BI still requires too much data modeling and pre-processing.

Only Interana changes the equation so you have flexibility AND simplicity at scale WITH speed.

It's not just the digital giants that have these problems.

Depending on what kind of digital business you are building, you may find yourself straining the limits of mobile and web analytics services or BI tools at series B, A or even seed. Or, you may have a strategy that hinges on your org being fully data-informed from the very start. Some of you may find that other approaches aren't flexible enough even at small data volumes, while  others may find themselves generating huge amounts of event data even at an early stage.

That's why we're working on a new edition of Interana with exciting changes around delivery and pricing, which will make Interana even more accessible to businesses at different stages of growth. We'll have limited availability of this new edition for the first 6 months+, but we’re extending a special invitation to those who enroll in a new Interana friends and family program for a first-look.

If you're interested in learning more, apply to Interana’s Friends and Family Program here. If selected, we'll get in touch within a couple days.

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