Interana Dashboards in 60 Seconds Video

Ann JohnsonApril 26, 2016

Our last blog introduced our new Interana Insights in 60 Seconds video series. Today, I'd like to share our second video covering Dashboards, a shared workspace to save and follow queries. As users explore their data, they pin the queries and results to a dashboard and share them with their organization. The queries on the dashboards are dynamic and update automatically. This is especially useful when time ranges are defined using relative terms like "2 weeks ago to now". At the top of each dashboard is a set of controls allowing users to override pre-defined settings for individual charts. They can modify and apply the same time windows and filters to all the queries on the dashboard simultaneously. Users have access to a collection of personal dashboards, any dashboards shared with them, and any dashboard published for the entire organization to access. Users can clone and modify any dashboard they can access to customize it for their own needs. When organizations need regular reports, users can configure dashboards to generate scheduled email messages with the query results and links back to the Interana system for further exploration.


Take a look and let us know what you think! What other topics and aspects of Interana would you like to see?


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