Imgur Drives Growth Through Scalable Behavioral Analytics

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Imgur is an online image-sharing community and mobile app where users share images, gifs, memes, and stories. Users can upload and vote on content, or simply lean back and browse the best images on the internet.

In order to make better data-informed product decisions, Imgur needed a real-time, 360-degree view of its users: who they are, where they are coming from, and how they are consuming content.

But with 150 million monthly active users and 75 billion image views per month, they had a major problem: it took a long time to run complex queries on their data and non-technical end users found it difficult to get the insights they needed. Imgur needed an analytics solution to handle its current massive volumes of event data, deliver answers quickly, and scale up to handle future volumes.

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Handling large quantities, both today and tomorrow

Imgur prioritized two things while seeking an analytics solution: scale and speed.

The company's millions monthly active users generate billions of clicks, scrolls, navigation events, and page views. In other words, a lot of data.

One of the main things that attracted them to Interana was the promise that it could handle large amounts of data, while allowing for future growth of their product.

Cheng Wang, Quantitative User Research at Imgur, stated, “Interana’s scalability enables us to make better decisions because we’re not afraid to throw more data, measures, and questions into it."

The company is now also able to answer questions in minutes, not hours or days.

“Interana can handle all of our extra data and still deliver fast answers, so we never have to sacrifice the quality of our queries for speed,” said Wang.

With a solution able to handle their scale and speed, Imgur can grow their user base, collect larger volumes of data, and discover insights quickly and comfortably.

Anyone can ask questions

The interactive nature of Interana's user interface means multiple team members can gain insights into user behavior or business performance. While the data team was the first group to start using Interana, now multiple teams use it to discover the insights that matter to them -- from user patterns and journeys to business performance.

“The biggest thing for me is that Interana answers questions as we think of them," said Wang. "With other solutions, you need to have the right questions to ask, or run a MapReduce job, or write queries that take hours to run. With Interana, anyone on the team can easily ask a complex question and get an answer back within a minute or two.”

Moving forward with data

Imgur is now able to make faster, better data-based decisions. By understanding user behavior through scalable, interactive behavioral analytics, the company can develop better strategies for improving its product and delivering content.

Read the full case study

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