Imgur Delivers Behavioral Analytics in Everyday Decisions – You Can Too

Interana Blog StaffMay 17, 2016

Data is now a major corporate asset. When analyzed and understood, data becomes a tool that informs decisions, answers questions, and inspires ideas.

At Interana, I’ve worked with many customers who tell me that using behavioral analytics is changing they way they work, it’s adding more substance to conversations and empowering stronger decisions. They go on to say that providing everyone in the business with access to behavioral analytics is leading to a whole host of benefits like increased productivity, faster decision-making, and greater overall confidence in their jobs. They experience the fun side of data; it’s cool to unlock insights previously unknown and to demonstrate that your ideas are working.

Yet, many businesses use a hodge-podge of different tools to gain behavioral insights. Decision makers become frustrated with a stack of dashboards and reports that don’t let them explore their own behavioral questions or ideas. A nasty side effect is that users can become turned off from data and fall back into old habits of decision-making based solely on intuition.

This becomes easier when you have a single intuitive product to learn from instead of a loosely integrated jumble of different solutions. That’s why Folks in charge of finding behavioral analytics solutions need to ensure that everyone can use them. It’s possible to enjoy working with data every day to ask questions and inform decisions.

Why Our Customer Imgur Rely's on Interana

Example screenshot of Imgur site Example screenshot of Imgur site

Imgur is the largest image sharing community in the world with over 150 million active monthly users looking at over 75 billion images per month. Mountains of data are generated daily, as endless as the blue sky.

All this data needs to be managed and analyzed – existing solutions weren’t cutting it. Imgur knew there were still big gaps in what they needed to learn about their user's behavior. But their experience helped Imgur when they looked for a new analytics solution: they knew what they wanted to learn from their data – all things user behavior.

Imgur researched the types of tools they needed in order to do everything from a 30,000-foot fly-over to a 20,000-leagues deep dive into all their data. It was during a proof of concept (PoC) with Interana that they crystallized their needs to include:

  • Wanting the product teams to understand a user’s first visit, which helps Imgur think about how it can create the best onboarding experience possible. A full set of behavioral analytics features provides the ability to thoroughly examine how users first experience a new product or service.
  • From the beginning, Imgur knew it needed a behavioral analytics solution that business users could access to gain insights ranging from user patterns and journeys, to business performance, and even to public relations and media-related traffic data.
  • Figuring out what questions to ask wasn’t always clear so finding a solution that allows the user to iterate on questions at the speed of thought was crucial.
  • Then, there’s the need for speed even at extreme scale. Imgur’s 150 million monthly active users generate billions of clicks, scrolls, navigation events, and page views. Imgur needed an analytics solution to handle its current massive volumes of event data and deliver answers to questions in a few minutes—not hours or days—and scale up to handle future volumes.

From working with Imgur, I was impressed by their insatiable curiosity and thirst for learning. They understand that the more they equip their people with easy-to-use behavioral analytics, the more positive impact they will have on the business. This is an investment that (if done carefully and methodically) will pay off for years to come.

Imgur is only one example of how companies today find ways to deliver behavioral analytics to the business quickly and assist with everyday decisions. While some businesses are thriving with data tools, others remain overwhelmed with dashboards and reports that don’t feed people's curiosity to explore their data. Make enabling a behavioral analytics solution a priority, take the time to evaluate available solutions and test those solutions in your environment through a PoC – most of them are free. Soon, you’ll be able to answer behavioral questions and better explore ideas.

For more information on the Imgur Interana Use Case click here.

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