Gartner Named Interana “A Cool Vendor.” Here’s what I think.

Ann Johnson

Now, this is cool: just six months out of stealth, Interana has been named one of Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Analytics” for 2015! What’s cool about our product? Well, if you want Gartner’s opinion, read the report.

Interana, the company, is cool for two more reasons: we have an incredible team and amazing customers.

Building an incredible team doesn’t just happen; it takes a lot of time and work. One area that I focus on with candidates is our core values:

  1. We’re optimistic
  2. We prize curiosity and learning
  3. We make our customers super heroes
  4. We build products that wow
  5. We make each other successful
  6. We ship

All of these values embody our team and are critical in hiring the next Interana employee. One value, in particular, stands out to me for building a world-class team: we prize curiosity and learning. I believe that when people make it a priority to ask questions and constantly learn, they are better at their job. Building a team of “curious learners” has been a major component of the success we have seen in the last six months and allowed us to do some amazing things. We have empowered companies like Tinder, Asana, Bloomboard, Orange Silicon Valley, and many more (stay tuned) with an analytics solution that is making data-informed insights a part of their daily lives.

This brings me to my second point.

We really have some of the most incredible customers. We have had demand from Web, Mobile, and IoT companies; it is truly inspirational to see a vision and a product come to life and deliver such value. Our customers are responding to Interana very enthusiastically, changing from conservative, narrow queries to more creative, intuitive, and impulsive questions. When asking questions of your data is easy and the answers come quickly (“the walls come down”), we see people start seeking out information they couldn’t before, and get inspired with what they find. And for me, that’s the part that’s truly “cool.”

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