Cloudy With A Chance of CCPA

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It's impossible to avoid the path to the public cloud, especially in the Silicon Valley early-adopter bubble.

But the new regulations—and let's be honest, some very long in the tooth but very sharp existing industry regulations—can and should cause you to seek shelter from the big customer data storms headed to your business. 

You have less time than you think

Public cloud software as a service (SaaS) that hosts and analyzes your customer personally identifiable information (PII) can put you at risk for compliance violations—both going forward and historically—under California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA.) In other words, even if you were a good data steward and fixed any gaps in how you managed your customer's PII, you could still be liable for fines even before CCPA takes effect in 2020. 

You may be less protected than you think

Many of the SaaS-based data storage and analytics companies today work around compliance by hooking directly into the solution data stream within the solution, avoiding internal data architects, IT ops, and CSO teams altogether, effectively building their own trojan horse within their data protection policies. It's not done with malice intent; most often, it's done out of desperation to provide transparency into what's happening in their solutions. 

The need for self-service analytics in a protected private cloud

Big data solutions have been talking about self-service solutions almost as long as BI tools. Still, neither has truly built either enough services within the solutions or made the GUI simple enough for a non-engineer or non-data scientist to explore beyond published dashboards or basic preconfigured queries. Not to mention the heavy lifting required for ETL and data aggregation within BI solutions. It's just not easy, nor fast, and it's a long way from self-service. 

With the trend in the marketplace, compliance, and the gap in available options for data managers and product managers--Interana is proud to announce our free trial of the  Interana Explorer Edition. A single node full solution stack trial version, that works in your AWS private cloud with your company's data (or if you want, it can be spun up with artificial data too.) In less than an hour, you can easily spin-up a cluster of Interana Explorer Edition, import up to a billion records and begin to visualize your raw customer data like never before. An Interana customer, CloudBees integrated a recent acquisition’s customer data into their existing system in under 10 minutes. To learn more about the free trial of this self-service version of Interana 4.1, please click here. 

And to hear more about the CloudBees case study from their data architect, click here. 

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