How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb.

by Dave SifryOctober 17, 2016

One of the things I loved when I was a product manager was when I could understand my users better – both qualitatively with user interviews, user testing, and contextual inquiry, and quantitatively, by building and instrumenting my products to allow me to dig deeper into understanding my users’ behavior. I’ve found that there is no substitute to talking with and…


Beta Release of External API in 2.19

by Blossom SumulongJune 15, 2016

Today, we’re announcing the beta release of Interana’s REST API.  The API is deployed as part of the standard 2.19 upgrade or installation and it supports both single measurement queries and time series queries. Interana’s API gives users a way to extract summarized and aggregated data for use in downstream processes, data warehouses, dashboards, or…


Back to the Future with Event Data

by Nicole O'MalleyNovember 10, 2015

In my last post, I explained what event data is, now let’s discuss further some ways event data can be used. Last month was the anniversary of Back to the Future Day. There was a lot of chatter across the internet addressing what Back to the Future II got right and wrong about 2015, and…


Got Event Data? Yes, You Do.

by Nicole O'MalleyNovember 02, 2015

Event data could be the fastest growing type of data, and chances are your company has a lot of it. Though the term is new for many, we all generate plenty of event data every day whether we’re at work, home, or even hiking on the trail. What you probably don’t know, is that event data is a resource that is proving to be absolutely essential for businesses…


The Myth of “In-Memory”

by Bobby JohnsonSeptember 17, 2015

The idea of an “in-memory” database has recently become very popular, and I increasingly hear it touted as a silver bullet for solving data problems. Unfortunately it isn’t – memory might be cheaper than it used to be, but so are hard drives and SSDs, and data gets bigger at least as fast as memory…


Introducing Eventism: The Demo Event Data Generator

by Joseph AdlerAugust 28, 2015

At Interana, we build a fast, scalable behavioral analytics solution for event data. By fast, I mean really fast (answers in seconds), and by big I mean really big (billions and billions of events). We currently have customers like Microsoft and Tinder that have nearly reached a trillion rows of data and still getting results…


Self-Service Analytics Save Both Data Scientists and Data-Curious Employees

by Ivo DujmovicJune 05, 2015

At Interana, we love data scientists: not only do they share our passion for data, they enable enterprises to be data-informed. However, these PhD-wielding coders are outnumbered by business people, their many questions, and massive volumes of data. Fortunately, Self-Service Analytics empower business users to explore data themselves, to understand the business and the behavior…


Event Data Exploration is a Process Rather Than a Singular Step

by Ivo DujmovicMay 22, 2015

Data exploration is a process rather than a singular step. We can liken it to how we spend hours browsing the web. Why does reading one page lead to reading another? Is it to pique our interest in a new area, or to validate our existing ideas? Similar to web browsing, during data exploration, the…