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Tag you’re IT! A PM’s Guide to Getting Event Data

by Christina NorenOctober 19, 2017

What many PMs don't know is that there are a lot of other useful sources of event data in their organizations. These other sources can provide some of the same information as well as different dimensions or events that are not available to client side tagging. This post is intended to help product managers understand what other sources of event data may be out there to analyze with Interana.

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Why The Defenders is Netflix’s Biggest Behavioral Data Play Yet

by Archana MadhavanOctober 12, 2017

If you love Dave Chapelle’s comedy special on Netflix, you will likely enjoy Iron Fist, a Marvel comic book story about a rich white guy who is raised by monks to become their supernatural protector. The recommendation makes complete sense, maybe not to an experienced TV executive, but to Netflix—who base their content decisions on hard evidence, generated from their viewer’s actual behavior and run through their algorithms.

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How Behavioral Analytics Changed Disney World Forever

by Archana MadhavanSeptember 28, 2017

A few years ago, Disney World introduced the MagicBand. The wristband unlocks all sorts of goodies at the resort. Compared to a few years ago, guests can now experience a remarkably friction-free visit. This includes customized itineraries, no need for stuffed backpacks and zero lineups. Let's take a closer look at how Disney World uses behavioral analytics to create magical experiences.

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Cut Once, Measure Twice

by Bobby JohnsonSeptember 21, 2017

The key to innovation is measurement. But wait, isn't innovation really about drinking a lot of Redbull and scribbling on whiteboards? Isn't innovation flashy and fast-paced and cool, while measurement is careful and boring? Despite what you see in the movies, innovation rarely happens with a single lightning bolt of an idea from the heavens. It happens when you iterate continuously — by testing, measuring, and refining lots of small ideas over time.

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How Behavioral Analytics is Changing Cities

by Archana MadhavanSeptember 19, 2017

Cities are fertile ground for data collection and analysis. High population density means there's a wealth of data available and digital technology makes it easier than ever for trends to be tracked. So it's no surprise that across the country — and the world — governments, citizens and businesspeople alike are turning to behavioral data to better urban life.

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The Biggest IoT Successes So Far

by Archana MadhavanSeptember 13, 2017

If you're looking for an injection of excitement about the future, look no further than the Internet of Things (IoT). Comprised of an ever-growing network of “connected” or “smart” devices, the Internet of Things has garnered more and more attention. Industrial applications are soaring, and the public's imagination has been captured by devices like Snapchat Spectacles and Amazon's Alexa.

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Metrics for Measuring Content Marketing Success

by Kristen LeeSeptember 08, 2017

The marketing funnel walks through every stage of acquiring customers, from introducing your brand to closing a deal. It usually starts with a lot of people in the initial awareness stage, and few people at the bottom becoming customers. Typically, you want to make the funnel as cylindrical as possible, meaning that a lot of people move from start to finish. Content marketing helps people not just stay in the funnel, but actively progress through it. Content should target potential customers’ needs at each stage. For this reason, there’s no single way to measure content’s success. Rather, success depends on what goal your content is supposed to achieve. The metrics you measure should reflect that goal.

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Why Ethereum Matters

by Aditya VempatySeptember 06, 2017

Even if you're not a cryptocurrency nerd, you've probably heard of Bitcoin, the digital currency whose price has soared in 2017. But if you're outside of the cryptocurrency crowd, you probably haven't heard of Ethereum. It's another cryptocurrency that has been secretly growing rapidly in 2017. In fact, its price has increased at a much faster rate than Bitcoin this year — roughly 4000% VS 300%.