No-Jerk Culture

How We Built Our No-Jerk Culture

by Aditya VempatyNovember 08, 2017

Some jerks never ask questions. They don’t ask how your day is going. They don’t ask for your input on a project. They certainly don’t ask you for permission to eat your yogurt in the office fridge that clearly had your name written on the label. These jerks have an obvious deleterious effect on morale.


Why I care about preserving computer history

by Bobby JohnsonOctober 03, 2017

I am deeply honored and excited to be joining the board of the Computer History Museum. I believe this is an enormously important institution in today's world, and I'll try to explain why.

Computer Museum

Hard Problems We Like

by Lior AbrahamJune 08, 2017

You can’t throw a stone these days without hitting an article about “big data.” There’s endless advice on how you can be more “data-driven” (we prefer “data-informed”); how data can drive you and your business to infinite success; how X or Y analytics product will make your data dreams reality.

Join Interana's Friends&Family Program

Interana Friends & Family Program: Introducing a new, exclusive way to experience Interana.

by Christina NorenMay 02, 2017

If you know about Interana you probably know it’s the interactive behavioral analytics solution that some of the biggest and most innovative digital businesses like Bing, Tinder and Sonos rely on to sustain a data-informed culture. These companies use Interana because it’s the only way to give everyone in their organizations the speed, scale and flexibility to ask any question about the behavior of people or things, and get answers back in seconds – even up to the billions of searches, swipes, and song plays that they deliver every day.


A Look at U.S. Federal Emergencies and Disasters Over Time

by Archana MadhavanMarch 23, 2017

Last week, the whole East Coast braced themselves for the arrival of Stella, a formidable winter snowstorm that the National Weather Service predicted would deposit over 20 inches of snow in New York City and elsewhere.


Now It’s an Open Secret – Try Our Live Demo!

by Christina NorenMarch 15, 2017

When I learned about Interana a year ago I was blown away. I’ve been working with systems giving access to event data since 1998 at MSN yet knew nothing about it. Turns out, Interana’s the Holy Grail I’ve been searching for. Because Interana is visual, it really lets anyone run queries fast on event data…


What’s New in 2.21

by Natalie VaisDecember 07, 2016

Hello Interanians! It’s been a while – you’ve probably been wondering what we’ve been up to the past few months. The answer is: a lot! We are super excited to announce the release of 2.21 – this is our most feature-packed release in a while, which is why it took us a little longer to…


Quick Thoughts on Filters

by Max ElismanNovember 29, 2016

In this blog, I’m going to talk about filters within metrics and within explorer by using a very simple dataset as shown below: My dataset has 11 events comprised of two user_ids (my shard key) with several different event_names. All events happened between 5AM and 5:15AM PDT. I’m going to create a metric to count…