A Sneak Peak Into Next Week's Meetup With Tinder

Interana Blog StaffFebruary 12, 2016

We are really excited for the meetup at Tinder HQ on February 16th. To give everyone a sneak peak into some of the topics we will be discussing, we asked Chris Dumler (@chrisdumler), Data Scientist at Tinder, a couple of questions. The meetup still has a couple of seats left, so if you would like to attend, you can register here.

How are you currently using analytics in your daily routine?
At Tinder, our analytics are primarily used in exploratory analysis or ad hoc reporting. We keep an eye on our KPIs, both high-level business KPIs and individual project metrics, and we also create reports for key stakeholders. But much of the fun comes from exploring the data for opportunities to add new features or optimize existing ones.

How have you seen it impact or change your business?
Sometimes I forget how young Tinder is. It wasn't that long ago that we couldn't very easily perform complicated analysis. Now that we have systems and tools in place for analytics, we're able to discover where our instincts were right and where they were off the mark. The availability of data has opened up conversations that didn't happen before and we're in a better position to make decisions more quickly and with more confidence. We're also able to share this insight with other people around the organization, which helps align goals and objectives.

What advice would you give to organizations that are looking to implement behavioral analytics?
Depending on how large your organization is, it's easy to fall into operating in a manner where analytics are simply the end output of a data pipeline. Being involved with product and engineering teams early to ensure that events are captured meaningfully will let these stakeholders observe the metrics that are most important to them. This small habit of being involved in conversations early will help your analysts be more proactive in their analysis rather than reacting to requests that may not even be possible due to improper planning.

What are you most excited about the Meetup?
I always enjoy meeting new people and hearing about what they are experiencing. Working with data brings so many different people and disciplines together and the stories are usually fascinating.

Be sure to join Chris and other product, growth, and data enthusiasts next Tuesday, February 16th. The Tinder Data Science team will share how they're using behavioral analytics to attract new users, grow engagement with features like "Super Like," and strategies to reduce churn.

This meetup is definitely worth swiping right for!


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