A Sneak Peak Into Next Week’s Meetup at Tilt

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Interana is partnering up with Tilt to host our very first meetup in San Francisco next Thursday, March 10 @ 5:30 pm @Tilt HQ. To give everyone a sneak peak into some of the topics we will be discussing, we've asked Jackson Wang (@jz_wang), Head of Analytics at Tilt, a couple of questions.

The meetup will be at Tilt HQ on March 10 @5:30 pm. We still have a couple of seats left, so if you would like to attend, you can register here.

When you were looking for an analytics solution, what was your most pressing concern?

When we looked for a behavioral analytics solution, we asked the analytics team to find something that decreases the cost and time it takes to ask behavior based questions. Solutions like Interna will absolutely help us accomplish that! It enables people on all levels at Tilt to ask questions and run their own analytics without depending on the analytics team. This has pushed me to ramp up usage of Interana at Tilt.

What advice would you give to organizations that are looking to implement behavioral analytics?

Great question. I’m a huge advocate for implementing behavioral analytics. However, it’s more of a question of  “when” more than anything.  There are three things you should have in place before considering a BA tool:

  • Data-driven culture: If the key decision makers in your organization don't value data-driven decision making, then the best tools will never make an impact. Saying that you're data driven is definitely one thing, but actually making decisions based on the data and analysis made by your team is another.
  • Drivers before solutions: Make sure your team is able to understand what problems are they trying to solve and get to the root of it rather than blindly coming up with solutions. For an example, if your company can't report on KPIs because your data are not clean/reliable, then have the best behavioral analytics tool doesn't make any sense.
  • Implementation + pipeline plan: Although solutions like Interana can take advantage of all your raw day. The ability to ingest all types of data will ensure you to have access to all your data while you explore and start discovering what's in your data.

How have you seen Interana impact or change your business?

When using Interana, we generate insights that have led to strategies that drive product improvements. A perfect example is when someone contributes to a Tilt - in our traditional transaction database, we see it as a successful transaction. However, if we dig deeper into the behavior of the user when making that transaction, we may uncover that they spend 10x as long as they should have because of a bug or unclear instructions, which I would argue isn’t a “successful” transaction.

I expect behavioral analytics with Interana to make an even bigger impact when it’s put into the hands of the right people - product managers, customer success, engineering, etc…

What are you most excited about the Meetup?

I’m really excited to meet other professionals in the analytics field. I really think we’re all trying to solve similar problems and really enjoy hearing about how others are doing it.

Be sure to join Jackson and other product, growth, and data enthusiasts next Thursday, March 10, Tilt HQ, San Francisco. The analytics team will share how they’re using behavioral analytics to attract new users, grow engagement and reduce churn.

We hope to see you at the event!

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