A Company On a Mission: What a Year It’s Been!

Ann Johnson

One year ago, we went GA with our self-service behavioral analytics solution for event data, and the past 12 months have been every high-tech CEO’s dream. By staying true to our vision of making data a natural extension of everyone’s workflow and aligning our goals with our mission of giving people a clear picture of their business, so they can make the best data informed decisions, we at Interana have:

  • Seen our growing customer base achieve great results with our product;
  • Won recognition for our thought leadership from analysts and others in the industry;
  • Been given fresh momentum with $20 million in Series B funding AND the priceless capital of terrific new hires to help us continue on our trajectory of rapid growth.

I’m thrilled with everything Interana has achieved in the past twelve months. I’m honored to be a part of this success because I believe that Interana is helping to make the world a better place for our customers and the millions of people who interact with them. We do this by making it easy for organizations to understand customers and users by looking at their actions over time, which reliably reveal what they truly want, need, or don’t like. With this understanding, organizations can improve the products and services they offer.

Interana’s self-service behavioral analytics is the next-best thing to reading your customers’ and users’ minds, because it captures all the event data of what they actually do and then makes that enormous amount of data accessible through easy-to-use, incredibly fast analysis. Even a non-technical person can ask an extremely complex question that covers billions of data points—and get an answer in seconds.

That’s transformative. I know that when I can ask questions quickly and get answers back immediately, my creativity engages and soon I’m asking even more far-reaching and detailed questions, fleshing out details of what’s true and dreaming up new ideas that leverage that understanding. We’ve seen the same thing happen with Interana customers. The creative juices start to flow and next thing you know, their staff are gaining richer perspectives and greater confidence to make the right decisions daily, building better businesses and transforming their practices to increase conversion, deepen engagement, and maximize retention.

Customers are buying our product—and using it to transform

Since launching in October 2014, Interana has helped make better person-to-person connections for Tinder and Nextdoor, made internet searches more relevant for Microsoft Bing, and improved entertainment services for Sonos, among others. Interana has seen broad customer adoption across a wide range of industries the past year. The power of our platform, our lower cost of ownership, and our unique set of capabilities has won us customers including Reddit, Flowroute, Yesware, Gear Zero, Shuddle, Openwager, Dubsmash, Nextdoor, Survey Monkey, Asana, Bloomboard, and Imgur.

Analysts are acknowledging us and people are listening to us

Interana was named a Gartner “Cool Vendor in Analytics, 2015” just six months out of stealth. Plus, during the past year, many organizations have recognized our thought leadership. We’ve been asked to speak at meetups and key Big Data networking conferences such as Strata Conference + Hadoop World, and Web Summit. People want to hear what Interana has to say—and they’re listening to me personally as well: Silicon Valley Business Journal named me one of its “Women of Influence” for 2015.

We’re growing—and we’ve built a solid base to keep going!

In January 2015, Interana raised $20 million in Series B funding, fueled by strong market traction and customer adoption, to expand its reach into enterprises through product development and go-to-market strategies. We’ve also continued to attract new talent. In the past year, Interana has successfully recruited highly skilled engineers, product designers, marketers, and customer-service and sales support personnel from Datameer, DOMO, Elance, Hortonworks, Netflix, Oracle, Symantec Corporation, Wepay, and ZL Technologies.

With such wonderful resources adding to the achievements and talents already at Interana, I know next year will be even more amazing as the one that’s just past!

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