The Why and the How of Interactive Analytics, Part 2

by Matt GreenApril 09, 2018

In Part 1, I talked about why companies need interactive analytics in order to unlock the full potential of their data. Here, I’ll show you how Interana’s features help users interact with their data.

Thought Leadership

In Defense of Pie Charts

by Bobby JohnsonMarch 14, 2018

In the world of data analysis, there are few things more reviled than the pie chart. Among "serious" data people, it is at best trivial and naive, and at worst downright evil. I do not agree with this. The pie chart is simple, but that is its beauty. It does exactly one thing and it does it well - it shows you how much different parts contribute to a whole. This isn't the only question you ever have about your data, but when it's the question you do have, the pie chart is perfect. That is not evil, it is not naive. It is data visualization doing what it should - taking something large and abstract and saying something simple about it that your brain can easily internalize.

pie for pie day
Why & How

The Why and the How of Interactive Analytics

by Matt GreenMarch 07, 2018

By Matt Green, Director of Product Management at Interana. Our name says it all: Interana is Interactive Analytics. It reflects a deeply held set of beliefs within our company about how people in today’s most innovative companies want to use data in a way that is fundamentally new.

Ethical Featured

Ethical Behavioral Analysis

by Matt GreenFebruary 22, 2018

By Matt Green, Product Manager at Interana. DJ Patil, former U.S. Chief Data Scientist, recently wrote in A Code of Ethics for Data Science: Much like the Hippocratic Oath defines Do No Harm for the medical profession, the data science community must have a set of principles to guide and hold each other accountable as data science professionals. To collectively understand the difference between helpful and harmful. To guide and push each other in putting responsible behaviors into practice. And to help empower the masses rather than to disenfranchise them. Data is such an incredible lever arm for change, we need to make sure that the change that is coming, is the one we all want to see.

Thought Leadership

Why Every Employee Needs Access to Behavioral Analytics

by Aditya VempatyJanuary 03, 2018

Every employee in your organization already knows how to make smart decisions based on behavioral analytics. They choose their Netflix movies using a sophisticated algorithm, they connect with new Facebook friends based on a cohort analysis, and they make Amazon purchases by leveraging a recommendation engine.

Why Every Employee
iPhone X
Thought Leadership

How the iPhone X is Changing Analytics

by Aditya VempatyDecember 20, 2017

Ten years ago the iPhone changed human behavior forever. Millions of new applications emerged from nowhere, enabling people to communicate in new ways and live smarter. With the iPhone X, the world is about to change once again.

Top Skills
Thought Leadership

Top Analytical Skills Every Product Manager Needs in 2018

by Aditya VempatyDecember 13, 2017

Product managers are modern-day Renaissance women and men. To be successful, PM's must have a solid understanding of the various disciplines in order to inspire and lead a team of disparate skill sets and personality types through the turmoil of product development to a victorious launch.

Advertising Metrics
Thought Leadership

App Engagement Metrics Every Advertiser Should Care About

by Aditya VempatyDecember 06, 2017

In 2017, you are more likely to win the lottery than to click on a display ad. Despite this fact, some advertisers still measure the success of their display ads using the CTR (clickthrough rate) metric—and by doing so, they're ruining customer experience with bad advertising.