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Product Analytics Growing Pains: 4 Things Amplitude Users Need to Know

by Scott Leatherman

Not all product analytics tools are created equal. If you’ve outgrown Amplitude, or you’re on the fast track to doing so, get a free PoC to see how Interana can meet your product analytics needs today.,...

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From Facebook to Interana: building a platform to understand users

by Bobby Johnson

Let’s wind the clock back about 12 years. Facebook was an emerging social networking platform - before social networks were deeply embedded throughout every industry and a critical part of our daily lives. Our small team (just around 100 employees...,...

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Get to the Why | How one product team increased engagement by 60%

by Mark Frigon

Product teams know that as products evolve so do customers. Learning about customers and improving products is continuous process, and the definition of engagement will change over time. Therefore, product features must change over time.,...

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A Wow Company! . . . It's why I joined

by Eddie White

I have spent over 10 years now in the data, analytics, and business decision space. It has been exhilarating to see the changes that have occurred. And all of these evolutions have been in search of a business decision platform that enables...,...

The Customer Experience Should be Treated as Your Single Most Important Product

by Kelly Brieger

To talk about Customer Experience (CX), let's first define it: CX represents the interaction between a business and customer over the course of a relationship, however long. This field has grown in leaps and bounds recently - from massive...,...

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What Are the Specific Details of Your Customer's Journey? Find Answers and Take Action

by Kelly Brieger

When it comes to understanding what customers do, how they make decisions, when they buy, and how they engage with your brand throughout the day, getting the right answers may involve working with data teams and waiting hours, days, or weeks to be...,...

Three Keys To Making Data-Driven Decisions

by Maverick Garner

Whether we’re talking about everyday life, or the world of business platforms – we believe that decisions, big or small, should be made based on data. This forms the crux of our technology – so how does one make effective data-driven decisions...,...

Knowing How and When Customers Engage and Interact is Critical to Staying Ahead of the Competition

by Alan Fackler

As of today, businesses have 129 days and counting until Black Friday, which takes place on November 23rd. This is a make-or-break date for many retailers, particularly online entities, who will be counting on the revenue from this massive day of...,...

Are Your Teams Making Decisions Based on Intuition or Data?

by Alan Fackler

Traditional analytical reporting tools simply don’t work. You’re probably employing three or more tools and still can’t get the necessary answers needed to make critical decisions – even after custom coding and queries are deployed to meet the needs...,...

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The Low Cost of Failure

by Maverick Garner

In the weeks since I adopted this effective method of thinking, I find myself exercising more and more (I’m doing more than one push-up a day, for sure). Part of what keeps me motivated is that, at th,...