Understand what your users are doing, not just what they're saying.

Interana is the behavioral analytics solution for event data that enables people to easily obtain insights from the actions people, products, or machines make over time.

These insights empower people to build the right strategies for increasing conversion, deepening engagement, and maximizing retention in their products or services.

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Behavioral Analytics for Event Data at Massive Scale
Software and SaaS

Self-Service Behavioral Analytics

The first solution built from the ground up to easy explore and discovery every action a user takes with a product or service over time. Easily iterate through a series of questions, across endless dimensions, in minutes using pre-built behavioral features like cohorts, metrics, sessions, funnels.

Gaming and Mobile

Speed at Scale

Trillion rows in 3 seconds, billions in less. Interana provides access to 100% of the raw event data with the speed to easily ask series of questions in seconds, without the consequence of being wrong. Interana's scale keeps the richness of data by not requiring aggregations or summarizations often used to shrink it into other solutions.


Self-Service Solution

Enable behavioral analytics on event data with a fast, visual, and intuitive solution accessible to all. Interana allows for the transformation of a company's culture from making decisions based on beliefs, to making them based on data. This fosters better collaboration and transparency of insights to make all business decisions data-informed.


End-to-End Solution

Interana combines the storage, analytics, and visual layers in a single solution that streamlines data preparation, management, processing, and IT costs. Flexible deployment options - on-premise or in a private cloud like AWS, Rackspace, Azure and more.

Tinder Swipes Right On Interana

Interana is helping Tinder understand and explore how its tens of millions of users interact with the app.

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Gartner names Interana ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2015

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